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The sales and marketing of the alcohol and cannabis industry in Canada is rather complex, however, a huge amount of information is available. We have developed an expertise to help our customers focus on their goals instead of allocating resources and energy to data management.

Ezfocus has been offering its services to agents and suppliers since 2012. We currently have more than 3500 users across Canada and working with 200 partners across the country.

Client Reviews

The Ezfocus Advantage

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Support and training included. Whatever the size of your organisation, we have a package that fits your needs.

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A turnkey solution

We download and manage your data that way you can focus your energy on analysing the results and take action.

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One stop shop

CRM and sales data in one. On the road or at the office everyone is using the same tool.

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Get in-depth reporting in 2 clicks: national to provincial, territory to store, category trends to product performance as well as unified data sets in one single view.

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Get the information when you need it, how you want it; each user can adapt the reports based on their needs and export to PDF or Excel.

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Key Business Partner (CRM)

Easily log customer visits and track the efforts of the sales team against set objectives.

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Increased productivity

Centralize and automate your sales process, the productivity gain is immediate. Identifying opportunities is now easy.

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Web based

Our solution is cloud based, your team will always have access the most recent information from any device.

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Website development

Managing your portfolio is our expertise, refresh your website or expand your business online.


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Here is an overview of our web tool and our IOS rep application.

Client reviews

Delf Group logo

"We LOVE the new 3.0 feature Sku vs Competitor!"

- Delf Group


Delf Group logo

"Oh WOWEE! Easy peasy!!"

- Delf Group


Andrew Peller logo

"Love the new upgrades!"

- Andrew Peller


Proximo logo

"Thank you for the training sessions, they were very informative."

- Proximo


Dandurand logo

"Thank you so much Marc, your support is AMAZING! I really appreciate all your help as I get onboard."

- Dandurand


Organigram logo

"Thanks again for all your help and always being so professional, courteous and timely on your responses!"

- Andrew Peller


Organigram logo

"Having the training videos and quick email responses are a blessing if you happen to run into any issues. Very quick to help. Thank you!"

- Purcann Pharma


summit logo

"Thank you for your work with our team. Excellent service!"

- Summit


gallo logo

"This report is amazing!!!"

- Mark Anthony


gallo logo

"You folks are just the best!
Just what I was looking for! "

- Gallo


Vins Phillipe Dandurand logo

"Thank you 1000 times, always as efficient."

- Vins Philippe Dandurand


Great western logo

"It is such a pleasure to work with you, and get the results I need to be able to do my job effectively. You understand and make things happen. Super fast - Service Plus - Thank you so much! "

- Great Western Brewing Company


trialto logo

"High fives to the EZfocus team for continued improvements and added value for our business!"

- Trialto


bacchus logo

"It’s a great tool you guys have, I’m super excited!"

- The Bacchus Group


Beam logo

"Having prior months sales info this early in the month is awesome. Great job!"

- Andrew Peller LTD


Beam logo

"A great value added and easy to use tool. Excellent team to collaborate with to develop new features to meet our ever growing reporting needs. Top notch customer service. Thank you for all your support during such dynamic times!"

- Beam


Andrew Peller logo

"I knew ezfocus was meant to be easy to use, but this is super easy!"

- Andrew Peller LTD


Mark Anthony Group  logo

"Very helpful session yesterday it was straight to the point explaining us how easy and intuitive it is. "

- Mark Anthony Group


Great Western Brewery logo

"The team was very engaged and energized after our call. Thanks for bringing the expertise and energy. Great meeting, thank you. "

- Great Western Brewery


Vintage west logo

"I have been playing around with the various reports - it is very user friendly!"

- Vintage west


Select Wines logo

"Our business would not be performing as well as it is without all the valuable tools and information that come from your great platform!"

- Trialto


Select Wines logo

"Thanks so much for yesterday! The team was super impressed and already discussing all the possibilities."

- Select Wines


diamond estate logo

“I uploaded the app, it’s super straight forward and easy to use!”

- Diamond Estate


Arterra logo

"Because your team worked in the industry, you understood what kind of data our different teams like to look at. You made it very easy for us to navigate."

- Arterra


campari logo

"This was a great training session, and I am so excited to use this fantastic tool daily!"

- Andrew Peller Agency


campari logo

"Ezfocus is such a precious tool and helpful for us!"

- Campari


kirkwood logo

"Ezfocus is user friendly vs sales force!"

- World Wide Brands


Noble selection logo

"We all love the app!"

- Noble Selection


Beam logo

"We are proud to share that the overall impression of EZfocus at Beam was quite high (8/10)!!!"

- Beam



Our talented team can build a personalized website to your image and also ensure its maintenance.


Our packages can be adapted to your businesses needs and evolution ; we have packages for companies of all sizes.

Our simple monthly fee includes unlimited users for your company, support and training.

Implementation is quick and ezfocus is accessible through any device.

Main Stream Main Stream+ Premium National Supplier
REPORTS 1100$ 1650$ 2750$ 5500$ 525$
Product and Market Related
Quick Search-top accounts/ supplier/agency/4 year report
Sales and Inventory
Summary by Category
Monthly Sales
4 year sales(On-Qc)
Product List(On-Qc)
Vintages Sell Through(On-Qc)
Sales Team Related
Sales Rep List
Visit report(CRM)
Summary by Territory
All Stores and Licensee
Distribution Report
Sales by banner/chain
Sales Rep Objective Management
Document and Picture Management
Profile Usage Management
Consignment Management (Ontario) +300 +300
Forecast Related*
Sales Forecast Management +100 +100 +500
Pricing Management
Promotional A&P Management +100 +500
Marketing Grid Management
Analyst Reporting-Excel
Cubes +100/cube +100/cube +500
Ad-hoc report requests upon request upon request
Supplier Access
Ezfocus Agent(Without CRM) +225 +525
Multi-agent +500
Websites development
upon request upon request
Quebec Only
Private Import Management
Double Billing Management(PI)
Promopunch Reports
PO Report
* curently being developed

Note: every aditionnal province is an extra 500-1000$/month for a maximum of 5500$/month for national access.

Prices may vary depending on the size of the company.


Our knowledgeable dynamic team is at your service!

ezfocus team
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3135 Boul. Moïse-Vincent suite (304)
St-Hubert, Québec, Canada

Quebec: Marie-Claude Fournier - 514-688-1781 - mc@ezfocus.ca
Rest of Canada: Marika-Synnett-Trifiro - 514-772-9861 - marika@ezfocus.ca

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